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Caring For Black Children’s Hair

September 13, 2021

Research shows that when children need out of home care due to abuse and neglect, they do best in the homes of relatives or friends. If that is not possible, it is best that children remain in their community, and with a family of their same cultural background. This is not always possible due to the shortage of foster parents (learn more at There are many loving families who would like to love and care for children of different backgrounds, and they need help supporting their children in culturally appropriate ways. 

Styles 4 Kidz outside of Chicago, Illinois was founded by Tamekia Swint to help non-black parents care for black, bi-racial, and textured hair. The importance of this education cannot be overstated. Black, bi-racial and textured hair is a central piece of cultural identity and pride. It is the crown on the heads of children of color. Hair can be easily damaged, even permanently, if not cared for properly. In addition, caring for hair is a life skill that is critical for young children and needs to be taught and practiced from an early age.

California Alliance of Caregivers hosted a training with Styles 4 Kidz to teach foster and adoptive parents how to care for their children’s hair. The response to the training was overwhelming, and CAC plans to host the next training in November with regular training throughout the year. Giving caregivers the tools and resources needed to properly care for their children’s beautiful hair, while being able to pass on these skills, is foundational to their children’s pride and identity. Watch our events page for the next event! Or, join at:

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