Thank you for joining

Thank you for joining and adding your voice to the California Alliance of Caregivers!

As you know, the children who become dependents of the state face difficult circumstances. Our mission at California Alliance of Caregivers is to advocate for the best services, support, and policy for children in foster care so that they may heal and thrive.

No one knows these kids like their daily caregivers, so your voice is vital to giving your children a voice within California’s child welfare system. As our membership grows, our voices for our kids grows. Please share with your caregiver network!

We empower our members with:

  • Information: Federal and state laws regarding child welfare are regularly updated. We will be your timely resource about these updates, making sure our members are aware of the latest policy changes.
  • Advocacy: We mobilize our members to social action on issues and legislation that affect children in the California child welfare system through Caregiver Day at the Capitol, Resource Family Policy Summits, and participation in program development workgroups. Your actions MAKE A DIFFERENCE and our members will have a strong voice in Sacramento.
  • Programs: Caregiver Day at the Capitol, Resource Family Forums, Parents & Caregivers for Wellness Training, Coffee with Caregivers, and the CAC Ambassadors Coalition

For the best interests of California children!

California Alliance of Caregivers, Inc. is a registered 501 c(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible. Tax ID #81-2865148